Our Profile

XP Engineering is an innovative firm integrating local and international expertise in sewage treatment, building and civil works. We have a permanent staff of skilled technicians, specialized engineers, managers and strategists to ensure the best possible solutions for our clients.

We utilize a number of different technologies and approaches as basis for our solutions, enabling us to adapt to individual clients’ needs. This might be for example client has limited space and/or budget, has difficulties finding the right licenses/approvals or it might be client has unconventional type of sewage. For such cases we will need to supply a compact system to save space, and/or use cost-effective technology, and divide the project in several phases. We also help the client obtain relevant licenses/approvals, and/or integrate a number of technologies to make sewage conventional.

We implement the SDGs through sustainable building, creating jobs, promoting health and environmental conservation.

Our existence is based on the wish to assist companies, local authorities and individuals fulfill their dreams, in a cost-effective and environmental friendly way throughout Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa.